Sunday, September 25, 2011

Travel Tip: Use Stored Value Tickets (LRT and MRT)

Do you frequently go to and travel within Metro Manila?
Do you prefer commuting aboard affordable, air-conditioned, fast, traffic free, reliable mass transportation?
If you answered a "yes" to the questions above then commuting via the elevated  LRT (Light Rail Transit) Lines 1 and 2 and the MRT (Metro Rail Transit) will give you value for your money.
You can save money and time if you will choose to buy a stored value ticket (SVT) instead of a single journey ticket.
Here are some of the advantages of using an SVT:

First, You get to save money. A stored value ticket (LRT 1 and 2, MRT)  is worth Php 100.00. A single journey ticket costs Php 15 (Monumento Station to Baclaran Station or North Station to Taft Avenue Station). If you pick the stored value option you get to ride at least seven times, given that each trip's regular cost is Php 15.00, because you get the last ride almost for free because of the "Last Ride Bonus". Seven stored value tickets, at Php 15.00 each, costs Php 105. You save Php 5.00 each time you buy a SVT. There are special SVT for Senior Citizens, if I am not mistaken, they can purchase an that SVT for only Php 80.00.

Second, You save precious time. With a stored value ticket at hand you can proceed directly to the ticket barriers instead of lining up at the ticket selling booth every time you commute via the LRT or MRT. Lines to purchase tickets are almost permanently long during the rush hours in the morning and late in the afternoon/early evening. Lining up can be a hassle especially if your are trying to catch a meeting, an event, much more a scheduled flight! With an SVT you dont have to again and again get your wallet and look for small bills and coins. The saved time can be used for other more important matters.

Third, SVTs have Longer Validity. A stored value ticket for the LRT Line 1 (Blue) And Line 2 (Red) is valid for 6 months from the date it is first used. While for the MRT an SVT worth Php 100.00 is valid for 3 months from date of first use. Thus a SVT is good option also for those who visit the Metro Manila on a weekly or monthly basis.

I hope that with the reasons mentioned above you can try using a stored value ticket when using the LRT  and/or MRT. With such things like the SVT traveling within Metro Manila is made more comfortable.

Reminder: Please secure the SVT you purchased at all times. A lost SVT is money wasted.

To know more about the Light Rail Transit System here is a link to their website: LRTA
To know more about the Metro Rail Transit System here is a link to their website: MRT

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