Saturday, September 17, 2011

Malolos City: A Short Visit to the Bulacan Provincial Capitol

This week I got an opportunity to drop by the Bulacan Provincial Capitol and meet up with a friend. The building has a prominent location and can seen from the busy MacArthur Highway. If you are in Malolos it is worth your time to drop by and see this place. The structure is painted white giving it a very clean look. The Provincial Capitol was built before the advent of the Second World War. It has undergone restorations and re-decorations at different points of time and rule of the different Provincial Governors. It houses most of the offices of the different departments of the Provincial Government of Bulacan. Because of its size and the quiet strength of its simplicity I fondly call it the "Palace in Malolos". 

One of my favorite parts when it comes to the interior of the Provincial Capitol is its grand marble staircase. Before reaching the second floor the stairs leads you to a balcony wherein one can get a good view of the courtyard. At present the construction of a large fountain at the courtyard is nearing completion

Another favorite part of mine is what I call the "Hall of Portraits" at the second floor. It is the first room when you reach the second floor via the grand staircase.  The high-ceiling hall is adorned by the portraits, done in the classical style, of all the governors of Bulacan since the early 20th century. The portrait of the present governor is displayed at the most prominent spot of the room. The area has shiny floor that is made of long planks of wood reminiscent of the ones seen in ancestral houses.  Good ventilation and natural lighting is provided by the large windows located at the west side of the room. The windows give a good view of the park in front of the building.

The park is landscaped making it a good place to rest, eat a snack and chat with friends. The elevated park has a monument honoring the valiant Gen. Gregorio del Pilar, the youngest general of the Philippine Revolution. The white-washed monument shows the boy general mounted on his horse, a stone guardian of the Provincial Capitol day and night. Two large and old metal canons, powerful relics from the past, adorns the park, it is one of the favorite picture taking spots in the area.

The next time you are in Malolos City visiting the Provincial Capitol Building and the park in front of it is really worth your time.

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