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Lakbay Jose Rizal: The Kamestisuhan District of Malolos

As a way of honoring Jose Rizal, our national hero and an experienced traveler, I joined the Lakbay Jose Rizal @ 150 project. Its goal is for the public to “rediscover and visit the sites and attractions which became part” of Jose Rizal’s colorful life in celebration of his 150th birth anniversary (Lakbay Jose Rizal @ 150 Pasaporte, 2011).

A special brochure called Pasaporte was made to serve as a guide to the participants. Pilgrims to the featured attractions can have their brochures stamped onsite as proof of visit. Prizes await the first 100 to complete all the stamps! The Lakbay Jose Rizal Pasaporte is available at Room 106 of the Department of Tourism Head Office in Manila. I got my copy one afternoon of June before the official start of Lakbay Jose Rizal. The duration of the project is from June 16, 2011 until June 16, 2012.

A part of Kamestisuhan

As a Rizaliana pilgrim,my first stop is the Kamestisuhan District of Malolos City. Malolos City is the capital of the Province of Bulacan. It is home to one of the most popular historical landmark in the country, the Barasoain Church. There are other historical sites that can be found in Malolos other than Barasoain Church and two of these are part of the Lakbay Jose Rizal @ 150 trail.

The Kamestisuhan District is home to two sites that is part of our national hero’s life: a historical marker and a house located along Sto. Nino Street.

Women of Malolos Historical Marker

The Historical Marker

A historical marker marks the site of school of the Women of Malolos. The Women of Malolos wrote, in December 1888, to Governor-General Valeriano Weyler to give them permission to start a night class wherein they would study the Spanish language. Learning about the value given by the Women of Malolos to learning, Jose Rizal wrote to them a letter dated February 22, 1889 from London. In his letter, Rizal praised the Filipina and the positive changes they did which serves as hope for the future of the Philippines. The

The pasaporte at the site

Marker at the curve

The marker is located adjacent a black gate of a compound at the street curve. A few meters from the marker is the Bautista House, a 19th century house.

Bautista House

Since 1877

The Bautista House was built in 1877 and is quite near the Malolos Cathedral, an indication of the social status of the resident family. Jose Rizal is said to have visited this house on June 27, 1892 when he was recruiting members for the La Liga Filipina.

The Bautista House

Details, Ornamentation

The house is an example of the typical Bahay na Bato (stone house) whose architecture suits the Philippine climate. The ground floor is probably made of adobe blocks while the second floor is visibly made of wood. The sliding tinted glass-windows and the ventanillas when opened allows the cool wind to circulate inside the living quarters. The Bautista House has an ornate façade with various embossed details on the upper half. Noticeable are the embossed sculptures of women flanking the pillars of the second floor.

The house as seen from the street

The stamp site, as of June 21, 2011, is inside an office housed in an old stone house in front of the Bautista House.

A stamp on my Rizaliana passport

Visit the Kamestisuhan District of Malolos: see the two sites related to Jose Rizal and get a feel of a bygone era.

Getting There: Provincial buses like Victory Liner, Baliwag Transit, and First North Luzon Transit have regular trips that pass by Malolos City (one way adult fare is around Php 60.00). Get off at Malolos Crossing or near the Mini Forest Park and ride a karatig ( a smaller version of the jeepney)  with the sign “Malolos Bayan Derecho” (one way fare is Php 8.00). Alight in front of the Malolos Cathedral compound gate, from there walk towards Estrella Cinema and turn right at Sto. Nino Steet. The Bautista House and the Women of Malolos Historical marker is 60 meters and 80 meters away from the Malolos Cathedral respectively.

Reference: Department of Tourism. 2011. Lakbay Jose Rizal @ 150 Pasaporte.


  1. now i am missing my old rizal passport .

  2. nice pictures. I love old houses. Pray they keep taking good care of something thats obviously got so much history. :)