Friday, September 09, 2011

Caloocan City: Fruit Shops in front of the Victory Central Mall

Are you looking for last minute pasalubong purchase options before that bus trip? Want some healthy snacks? The fruit shops in front of the Victory Central Mall along Rizal Avenue in Caloocan City are the answer.  The location is convenient to commuters for the shops are adjacent to the bus terminal of Victory Liner.

The shops generally sell fruits that are in season and are typically sold per kilo at low/affordable prices. Haggling is allowed! This September, I saw rambutan, large santol, guapple (a large guava), and guyabano along with other fruits which are available whole year such as bananas, imported oranges and apples. There are also sliced green mangoes with bagoong dip, ready to eat yellow corn, native cakes, and the refreshing buko (coconut) juice for a quick healthy snack.

Before boarding the bus, my mother bought two pieces of large santol, photo shown above, which weighed one kilogram. The price is only 20 pesos per kilo. We ate one of what we purchased and it tastes great, a good buy!  Definitely were going to buy fruits again from there next time we are in Caloocan City. 


  1. Mr.Christian nadadaan ko din po yun madalas dati nung student days ko pa. Salamat po sa pagtingin sa blog at pag comment.