Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Travel Nostalgia: The Manila Bay Sunset

It is great to watch a sunset, it is a graceful signal of transition between day and night. Being in different places gives you a chance to see the sunset in different ways This part of the day, along with sunrise, is probably the most photographed part of a day. Photographs serve as good link to the past. As for me, instead of photos,  I recall the famous sunset by the bay in Manila from memory. The Manila Bay Sunset is one of my favorites for it reminds me of sweet memories that I'll always remember.

I first saw the sunset at Manila Bay when I was still at the preparatory level, around 1995. Viewing the sunset along Roxas Boulevard capped and made my first visit to Manila a memorable one. Along with my family we spent a couple of minutes watching the sunset.  I can still remember ships dotting the horizon, waves were gently touching the boulders at the sea wall, small crustaceans busy scuttling on the sand, the gentle breeze blowing as the sun slowly set. The colors are at play at the sky.  It is a beautiful sight.  That was probably the first time I saw the vastness of the sea and even from afar how a real ship looks like. The shore near Roxas Boulevard was cleaner that time, a perfect venue for watching the wonder that is the sunset.

I was able to see the Manila Bay Sunset during my first year in college. It is a blessing that our campus is quite near the "Bay walk" in Roxas Boulevard. To watch the sunset all it takes is a short and leisurely walk from our campus in Padre Faura.  After all those years since the sunset by the bay is still a sight to behold. I fell in love with its beauty. Together with my best friends we would buy some snacks and walk to Roxas Boulevard and spend some time in relaxation while watching the sunset.  We usually take a stroll along the bay walk if we arrived early before the sunset that allowed us to do people watching, crack jokes, and observe the trash that the current brings. That is a good way to observe and feel the vibe of Manila. We were often lucky to see the Manila Bay Sunset in its full splendor but there are also times when clouds cloak the setting sun.

 We look for a perfect spot to sit and our animated chatter stops as we see the sun slowly set. The glowing orb making a dip in the bay that is witness to our stories, comments on various things, and gleeful laughter. From there we go home refreshed and ready to face another day ahead.  It is our "traditon" to go there commonly on a friday to joyfully close another week at school. Watching the Manila Bay Sunset is one of our barkada's favorite bonding moments.

The Manila Bay Sunset will always be special for it reminds me of the important persons in my life. I first saw the sunset at Manila Bay with my family and been awed again by it with my best friends in College. I think that one way or another it has been a happy part of the memory of the various travelers that visited Manila through the years.

Seeing the Manila Bay Sunset, Roxas Boulevard is the perfect free spot to do so, is definitely a must when in Manila. Next time that you are in Manila do watch the sunset by the bay and make a part of a memory that you will cherish.

The Manila Bay Sunset is a gift from God and is one of the things that makes the Philippines special.


  1. Hi Caloy! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yup, I fell in love with Spanish that's why I decided to take formal language class. And it's a right decision to take! I finished level 8. Planning to continue as soon as I have the time. :)

  2. Kahit polluted na ang manila bay, iba pa rin talaga ang sunset doon no?

  3. Sir Jaypee Thank you too for visiting my blog. May your plans to further study Spanish push through. I hope you can also try French in the future. God bless!

    Hi there Sir Christian. Opo, iba pa rin talaga ang sunset sa Manila Bay. Worth it na pasyalan parati. Buti na lang may water front feature ang Manila. Salamat po sa pagbisita muli sa aking blog. God bless!