Sunday, September 25, 2011

Travel Nostalgia: An Aerial View of Baguio City

One of my well traveled professor said that flying via the South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) to Batanes is like having a very interesting geography lesson. A couple of days latter,one clear day of April 2010 I got the chance to prove if what he said is true. 

The German built Dornier 328 took off smoothly from the Manila Domestic Airport. I intently prayed for a safe flight.

Halfway in the flight the intercom went on and the pilot greeted us and welcomed us aboard. His greetings was in sync with the location of the plane that time.
"Ladies and gentlemen on your left is Baguio City" he said with a sense of confidence and triumph in his voice. 

Luck was on my side that day for I got a window seat. I got a splendid glimpse of the City of Pines, we were then cruising at an altitude of 23,000 feet. I can still remember the sight. Structures were hugging the contour of the plateau and mountain foundation of Baguio. Clouds were adorning the fringes of the City along with the lushness of the still forested area.  From such vantage point "the summer capital" looks stunning, the altitude cloaked the negative effects of modernity on the City of Pines. I suddenly remembered strawberries, fog, the towering pine trees, sweet Baguio memories. The view of Baguio lingered for a few more seconds as the plane cruised on to the north.

That aerial view will remain etched on my memory, air travel surely has its perks such as seeing beloved places from a different angle.

My professor is correct with what he said about the flight to Batanes via SEAIR.  How I wish that basic geography lessons in the future would include aerial cruising as part of course.

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  1. True that, sarap mag window seat palagi hehe

  2. gusto ko rin maranasan yan! gusto ko na lumipad papuntang batanes!

  3. @Sir Christian, the best talaga ang window seat. Salamat po sa pagbisita dito sa blog. God bless!
    @Ivan, positive ako na malapit mo na rin maranasan lumipad papuntang Batanes,sana window seat ma assign sayo. Tiyak magugustuhan mo sa Batanes. Salamat sa pagdalaw dito sa blog. God bless!