Saturday, September 24, 2011

Makati: Lunch with a View

It was my first time to dine, earlier this day, at the Jollibee branch located at the ground floor of the Insular Life Building at the Makati CBD (Central Business District). I got seated with my lunch tray by the tall glass window (or wall) of this branch which is a good move. Why? Aside from enjoying good (tasty)  and affordable food ( prices in all branches of a fast food chain are standardized) while in Makati I also got a splendid view for no additional cost.

While sipping ice cold Coca-Cola, sitting comfortably,  I can see the busy stream of vehicles on the palm tree-lined Ayala Avenue as the traffic from Paseo de Roxas merges with it smoothly. Ayala Avenue is known as one of the most prestigious office addresses in the Philippines and it is said that it is the "Wall Street" of the Philippines. I also got a good view of the Ninoy Aquino monument guarding the entrance to Paseo de Roxas. My seat location offered refreshing views of iconic buildings at the Makati CBD such as the pink Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Allied Bank Center, Ernest & Young, SGV & Co Tower 1 and 2, i Academy, and the HSBC Branch at the Enterprise Center.

I savored more the taste of the burger and fries combo with a glimpse of the modern, sleek, glass-walled Tower One and a portion of the lush Ayala Triangle Gardens. Its fun to watch the street scene while eating. Clean. Verdant. Modern. A slice of progressive Philippines at its best.

Definitely  a splendid view of the Makati Central Business District is a good compliment to a lunch at Jollibee.

So the next time you are in Makati and want to eat lunch on a budget, better try Jollibee Insular Life Branch, select your seat fast to get and see that splendid view by the window.

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  1. Great post! It is nice that you are sharing about your experience having a lunch at Jollibee branch Makati. Keep sharing about Makati City place. Thank you.