Monday, October 10, 2011

Makati City: “Diversities” at the Artist Space of the Ayala Museum

 Do you want to get a dose of art while exploring the Ayala Center in Makati City? Want it for free? Then the Artist Space of the Ayala Museum is the answer!

Artist Space is a gallery that features works of both Filipino and foreign artists, exhibits usually change at least once a month.

I got an opportunity to visit the said part of Ayala Museum more than a week ago. On view was an exhibit called “Diversities”. The exhibition featured recent (2011) works of twelve Filipino visual artists:

-Monnar Baldemor
-Aaron Bautista
-Joey Cobcobo
-Carlos Francisco II
-Honesto Guiruela III
-Derrick Macutay
-Dennis Montera
-Tad Pagaduan
-Herbert Pinpiňo
-Christian Regis
-Marga Rodriguez
-Isidro Santos

“Diversities” as the name of the exhibition suits the show as a whole. The name suggests a plurality of diversity; the art works on view are diverse in various ways. One of these is that the creators of the works of art displayed are twelve different artists. Each with his/her own world view, memories, characteristics, sources of inspiration that became part of their craft.

Another differentiating factor lies in the media (materials used) chosen by the artist. It ranges from acrylic on canvas to mixed media (from natural objects such as wood to household objects such as buttons and spoon).

The size of the paintings also played its part, varying from 24 x 36 inches to as large as 36 x 48 inches (3 feet x 4 feet). The choice of colors is also diverse: the gallery is then adorned by a mix of warm and cool colors. Various subjects were showcased by the artists who were part of “Diversities”. Some canvases focused on familiar but important issues such as “poverty, nationalistic wreckage, and the overcrowding of human population” (David Lock, 2011). Things that are hidden from sight like those residing within the human soul were given form in abstraction by some of the artists (Lock, 2011). “Diversities” is a celebration of the different things that Filipino artists can do (Lock, 2011).

Although differences are very evident in the exhibit there are also similarities that can be seen such as their being Filipinos and that they expressed their thoughts. The fruits of which are the works of art that gallery viewers like me behold and appreciate.

The location of the gallery and the Ayala Museum as a whole is very accessible to the public. I hope that exhibits like “Diversities” would continue to be showcased in easy to reach venues such as that of Artist Space. Art provides relaxation, insight, inspiration to those who see it.
Aside from enjoying wonderful works of art at the Artist Space, you will also get a good view of the fountain area of the museum from the large glass windows of the gallery.

When spending leisure time at the Ayala Center (Greenbelt, Landmark, Glorietta) why not drop by and spend a couple of minutes at the Artist Space. Admission is free!

The exhibit opened on September 15, 2011 and was on view until September 28, 2011. Artist Space is located on the Second Floor, Glass Wing of the Ayala Museum, Makati Avenue corner Dela Rosa Street, Makati City. How to get there: The gallery is very accessible from the Metro Rail Transit Ayala Station via the elevated walk way passing within SM Makati, Glorietta, Landmark, and the Greenbelt Malls. The entrance to Artist Space is a minute of walk away from Powerbooks Greenbelt 4 Branch.

For more information about the Artist Space and the Ayala Museum kindly visit their website by visiting this link.


Lock,D. 2011. Diversities (exhibit brochure). Makati: Ayala Museum.

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  1. Great post! As you've said with your post that Ayala Center in Makati City has a lot of art that we will see there and I am aware to see those arts exactly. I am enjoying reading with your post. Thanks for sharing this and keep on posting. Good Job!