Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Postcard from Holland

Last August 25, 2011 I received my first postcard since I joined an interesting project. That project is called Postcrossing which is a "post card crossing project" and by being a member you will receive real postcards, which are quite a rarity in this e-mail era, from random sources in the world.

Postcard from the Netherlands. It shows the well known products and sights of Holland.

How does the Postcrossing project work? First, a member should request an address and along with it is a Postcard ID. Second, The member should mail a postcard to the address that he/she received  , it is very important that the Postcard ID is indicated on the postcard. Third, the receiver of the postcard sent must register the Postcard ID at the Postcrossing website. Fourth, once the Postcard ID is registered you can now receive a postcard from a random Postcrossing member, wait until he postcard arrives. Fifth, Register the Postcard ID of the card that you received. Go back to step one to receive more postcards and make a person from a different part of the world smile because of a postcard that you sent.

Orange envelope with Nederland stamps

I learned about Postcrossing from a post in a pinoy travel blog, I got curious and tried it. The first postcard I sent was received by a Postcrossing member in Japan and the first postcard I received is from a member in the Netherlands. I enjoy collecting postcards and postage stamps, I smiled when the postcard I received was enclosed in an orange envelope that is adorned by postage stamps from the Netherlands! Reading the short message of your co-member written on the postcard gives a good start for your day.

Postcards presents a snapshot of what a place has to offer and you can learn new things by just looking at one. I believe that collecting postcards and traveling is a good mix of hobbies. Postcrossing is also an excellent opportunity to promote the Philippines as a travel destination by sending postcards that depicts beautiful and intersting vistas of our country. Also, the Postcrossing project provides additional income to the the local postal system. Sending postcards to any country is priced at Php 14.00 per postcard. The price of sending a postcard to Singapore is the same with that of sending one to France. I hope you can also try being part of the Postcrossing project.

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