Sunday, July 31, 2011

Municipality of Calumpit: Activity Ideas for Visitors

Here are some things to do when you visit the Municipality of Calumpit of Bulacan.

1. Visit Saint the John the Baptist Church

 This interesting church is located in Barangay Poblacion and is of walking distance from Mc Arthur Highway. It is said that the site of the church is more than 400 years old. For me the most interesting part of the Saint John the Baptist Church is its facade. You can find the embossed figures of the sun and the moon, a pegasus about to take flight, a phoenix, floral sprigs, the apostles and Christ.

2. View the Historic Bagbag Bridge

The said  bridge can be conveniently viewed from a 20th century bridge. Bagbag bridge is an important structure that connects Bulacan and the other northern provinces during the 19th century.It is a mute witness to the battle that raged between the Filipino forces, to safeguard the escape of then President Emilio Aguinaldo up north, and the American forces before the close of the said century. The bridge has obviously acquired the patina of old age featuring a huge gap at the middle thus making it unusable at present.

3. Buy Longganisang Calumpit

The "Tastiest Longganisa in the Philippines" is lovingly made in the Municipality of Calumpit! The said delicacy is made of natural ingredients and is free from preservatives. The garlic flavored longganisa is sold mainly at the clean Public Market along Mc Arthur Highway. Longganisang Calumpit is retailed at around Php 180.00 per kilo. Stalls selling the said product are open everyday, special market day is every Tuesday when the Public Market is abuzz with activity and bursting with other interesting products.

4. Relax at the numerous resorts

Calumpit has different public resorts at affordable prices and quality service! The largest and probably the most well known is Jed's Island Resort strategically located along Mc Arthur Highway.

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